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LG G4 – Mobile Review

By  On 04 Apr, 2016 | Filed Under Mobile Reviews

There used to be a time when smartphone devices from LG were viewed as modest possessions that were always overshadowed by the bolder and fancier phones from Samsung and their likes. Not anymore. LG has rapidly gone on to become one of the biggest challengers to these traditional giants in the market. The latest LG G4 smartphone is the latest offering from the dynamic player in the smartphone i...


Mobile Phones and Identity Theft

By  On 10 Mar, 2016 | Filed Under Mobile News

Mobile phones, particularly smart phones, have made a significant impact on the way that people live their lives. Not only can the phone be used to make phone calls and send texts, but the phone becomes a second wallet for most people holding important pieces of information such as copies of the owner’s credit cards, driver’s license and passport information. Personal and business passwords...