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How to Reach Email Marketing Success


Email Marketing Success

I usually do not write reviews about products unless they are incredibly amazing or dreadful and cannot be recommended to anyone. Luckily, is the first case. This is a fantastic platform and to try it, one doesn’t have to pay. They offer freemium with all features and tools available. But when I opted for the paid version, I’ve realized that it’s affordable as compared to other solutions in the market and it increased my earnings manifolds.

I won’t go into the details of my business. I will merely say that my online business was already on its way to collapse. Then one of my friends suggested me trying And since the moment I started to use it, things went better.

You should not consider this platform to be a magic wand. Obviously, for any system to work, you should use it correctly and patiently. The same is with this platform. brings you all the best ingredients to market your website. But you must use them properly to get the maximum gains.

Solutions offered by – The perfect recipe for email marketing success.

Email Drip Campaign


Sending out emails in a readable and attractive manner, and what is more critical automatically to save time, is an essential aspect of email marketing. The service provided by Snovio offers four amazing features and benefits.

● It allows users to create email campaigns with follow-ups that are automatically triggered.
● With Snovio, cold email campaigns can be personalized.
● You can send out emails to people that are in the contact list.
● The chrome extension allows sending plain text emails directly from its interface.

All this is available for free entirely, thanks to Snovio. But if you want better results, the paid plan is recommended.

Email Verifier


Is an email marketing campaign of any value if the emails are sent to the wrong destination? Of course not. The correct email address can help you get better conversions and ensure that the efforts you put in email marketing move in the right direction. This simple to use email verifier validates each email address from the list or individual emails to ensure that your email marketing funds and efforts do not go in vain. It reduces the number of bounce back emails that will be depicted as a higher delivery rate. With a free account, you can verify 200 emails per month while if you go paid, then it barely costs around 0.5 credits for verifying one email. That is cheap. isn’t it?

Apart from these two amazing products, Snovio also has email finder which lets you search for emails associated with a particular domain. This way you can get information about the email addresses of top officers and decision makers of a specific organization whom you can contact to sell the products and services. I am in love with all these products of Snovio, and I advise you to try them as well. And as far as the features are under one roof, it is real time and money saving!

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