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Top 5 Best TV Apps For Android

Best TV Apps

Best TV Apps

Watching Online TV is now considered the revolutionary and required technology to make lives easier and fun. Television has more to do with the “watch where-ever you want” rather than sitting in front of a big screen every time. We all are running a race against time where we don’t want to even waste a tiny bit of time crazily sitting in front of a screen. We can rather now enjoy our favorite TV shows while traveling to work. There are numerous applications available online which let you watch TV online for free or a tiny amount of monthly fee. We will now show you the best platforms where you can enjoy all the TV shows you would otherwise miss due to your hectic-life schedule.


UkTVNow is the revolutionary application which lets you watch online TV for free. It features over 9 categories of channels from over 10 countries. You get to watch TV channels from countries like United Kingdom, United States, Spain, India, Germany, Italy, France, Canada etc. The category of channels are documentary, kids, news, sports, etc. The app platform is one of the best within its competitors. UkTVNow APK has got some amazing features which will not let you down.

Features of UkTVNow

  • Easy to use interface.
  • 9 categories of channels from over 10 countries.
  • Sports event alerts without an internet connection.
  • List of upcoming TV shows and structured schedule.
  • High Definition video quality
  • Multiple links for show stream to accommodate high traffic.


Mobdro is also one of the top rated apps to watch online TV shows for free. This app lets you stream TV channels in over 10 different languages across 30 countries. Isn’t it cool?. I was really surprised when I used the application. Mobdro is really smooth and easy to use. It is designed for all types of TV channels users. You get to choose from categories like entertainment, kids, sports, documentary, Movies, Music and lots more.

Features of Mobdro

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Video Channels from over 10 languages.
  • No-login required
  • No unnecessary spammy notifications.
  • Almost all popular channels are available in HD.


Popular among the sports fanatics, Live NET TV lets you watch the latest Sports Events, TV Shows, Live TV and what not. Serves over 700+ channels to you from UK, India, US, Iran, and Middle Eastern Countries. Easy to use and smart filtering of channels is an added advantage.

Features of Live NET TV

  • High-Definition video quality.
  • Supported on Chromecast.
  • VOD for Movies.
  • Supports External Media Players.
  • Filter channels according to user choice.

Swift Streams

Swift stream apk got some tremendous features as compared to other apps. it got 1000+ live TV channels, the ocean of movies and the free subscription to all users. We all love free premium subscriptions to TV and save some bucks. That’s where Swift streams wins. It has a free subscription to channels from countries like US, UK, Canada, Greece, other American countries etc.

Features of Swift Streams

  • No registration bullshit.
  • External Players Supported.
  • Supports Android 4.2+.
  • Chromecast and DLNA Supported.
  • Works smooth on 3G, 4G networks.
  • Free for a lifetime subscription.


Jio is the telecom provider which shook the telecom industry in India with its cheapest prices for internet and calls. Jio also launched numerous apps under its parent name. JioTV lets you watch Live Sports and Movie shows for free in India. You will not only watch your favorite shows but also select from over 400+ channels in 10 genres and 15 languages.

Features of JioTV

  • 400+ TV channels and 60+ HD TV channels.
  • Impressive and simple UI.
  • Smart notifications which never let you miss your favorite shows.
  • Never disturbs and acts spammy.

Final Words

These applications are one of a masterpiece in themselves and a portable entertainment for you. You can look at the features they offer and select the best suited one for yourself. If you still have any queries, put them in the comment box below and we will solve them to the earliest.

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