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5 Best Android Games You Have to Play in 2018

Best Android Games

With a Time Warner Triple Play service plan, you can gain a high-speed Internet connection that lets you download a number of games (in both free and paid formats) for all your android devices instantly – allowing you to entertain yourself in your spare time with best android games.

Best Android Games

With your internet-enabled Android device (phone or tablet), it becomes easy to entertain yourself with a wealth of games and other fun activities – that also constitute an excellent escape route for you to pass your time. But in order to enjoy this new-age provision, it first becomes important to attain access to a high-speed Internet service (such as the Time Warner Triple Play offer in the U.S); as without this amenity, you may well be stuck staring at the downloading meter on your devices screen for the entirety of your day.

In this post, we will briefly delineate the Top 5 Android Games of 2018 – based on our own, and several experienced players’, subjective criteria. By becoming cognizant of the information contained here, you will become much more informed about what your Android Play Store has to offer to you; thereby enabling you to ramp-up your game downloading & playing activities more productively.

Most digital games (be they enacted on Android platforms, or otherwise) fall into one of the many thematic genres proposed by game production studios: action, adventure, fantasy, strategic, sports and mystery. What all of these classifications have in common is that they make room for a potent psychological shift in the mindset of their players by transporting him/her from the state of being overly concerned with the mundane issues of life to an imaginative reality with an entire range of novel circumstances.

People like to engage with the games that pique their curiosity. Sports fans generally (although not exclusively) prefer to play those virtual titles that feature their favorite sporting activity in one way or another. The same holds true for Movie or TV show story buffs, who like to watch their favorite characters on more digital platforms than one. And the same can be said for literally every type of gaming fan/aficionado.

So without any further ado, allow us to present the games that you need to hook up with – in the year 2018 (as it continues to unfold).

Madden NFL Football

If you’re an ardent football fan who can’t bear to think of leaving the ball stationary for extended periods of time on a physical pitch, then you really should consider downloading Madden NFL Football in your mobile phone today.
A sports strategy game like few others, Madden allows you to pick a particular player from the drafting stage – and see him progress all the way to full ‘sports star’ status. With sharp graphics, a stellar storyline (which comes as a wily update to the franchise), as well as an intelligent overall gameplay experience, you’ll be in for a great and fully-engrossing time when dealing with this title.

Just Dance Now

Nothing spells instant therapy quite like dancing, particularly when you are required to bust some moves in tune to your favorite songs. And this is precisely what you get after downloading the new & improved version of Just Dance Now on Android.

With an entire range of modern classics and oldies to sing along and sway your hips to, the app requires only a minimal ($1 per hour) investment for bringing its full entertainment features to the fore. And if you want to project you aerobic experience (no matter how wild it may seem to spectators) onto the big screen, you are provided with the nifty option of doing so through the Google Cast and Apple AirPlay services.

Just be sure that you have a spare room in your house ready – for enjoying Just Dance Now to the full!

World Series of Poker

If you want to become a pro at poker, and want to take those casinos in Las Vegas by storm, then you need to download this game right away. Not only will you be able to judge your performance through the statistical tracking meter included in the gameplay (which allows you to check your wins against your losses); you will also be provided the opportunity to connect and duel with other professional players placed spatially apart from you.
In our personal experience, we found this game to be highly responsive to the full range of poker strategies that we employed – indicating the proficiency of its algorithmic design core. And the fact that one of our game technicians spent over half the day in reviewing it speaks volumes of its ‘mind absorbing’ potential.

Battle of Polytopia

For gamers interested in strategy execution and unveiling on screen, Battle of Polytopia comes as a highly recommended gaming title. Based on the activities of several tribes arranged in civilizational groupings (and desperate to fend off for themselves against rival clans), the game allows you to nurture your tribe, expand its influence, make economic progress, and then to face-off in fun skirmishes with their group contenders for territorial control.

Despite all the graphical detail and heavy gameplay parameters that feature in this gaming title, it proceeds quickly and smoothly – and does not impinge on your gaming experience in any negative way.

Real Racing 3

Revisit your childhood obsession with car racing games – and make haste to install Real Racing 3 on your phone. With sophisticated graphics (that capture the real-world experience of the track), a number of recognizable players (that have grown on their fans), as well as an exciting array of sports cars and tracks to choose from, this title will always have you coming back for more. If you want to get more enjoy with this game must use gaming headset.

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