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Micromax A116 Canvas HD – Review

Micromax A116 Canvas

Micromax A116 Canvas

The era of smart technology offers each of the lifestyle elements to be all-in-one package; even the means of mass communication is in man’s pocket in terms of smart phones. Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the descendant to the company’s trendy budget phablet.

Components & Functions

The Micromax A116 Canvas HD is power-driven by a 1.2GHz MediaTek MT6589 quad-core processor with 1GB RAM onboard, and Power VR SGX544MP chip for dealing out graphics in the function. There is 4GB of inner storage that is resilient up to 32GB via a micro-SD card.

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the entire experience of navigation via interface has been remarkable. It is reliable to declare that performance wise, the Canvas HD trumps other phones in the quite reasonable price rang. The phone has been designed to long with a 2,000mAh battery that last the user’s utility for whole day. It’s also worth noticing that by switching off Wi-Fi and auto-brightness, and the phone result in 3G networks more on its connectivity.
Retrospectives of the Phablet

The USP of the Canvas HD is, in fact, its HD screen. The phone’s 5” HD IPS screen sports a verdict of 1280 x 720 pixels and a colour depth of 16.7 million as well. It is ruling by the higher resolution, text, icons and images appear much sharper measure up to the Canvas 2 and the currently launched Samsung Galaxy Grand. There has not been pixilation in the phones of more or less the same features.

The screen is solar rays sensitive and quite reflective. It is the collaboration of the IPS panel that facilitates wider screening angles. The touch responsive screen has proven to be good as compare to other touch-screen phones.

Software Interface

The Micromax Canvas HD functions Android 4.1.2. Micromax has sensitive to some rudiments of the user interface like the app icons and the notification tray. The notification tray has the toggles for suites such as Wi-Fi, Brightness, Rotation, Bluetooth, GPS, Data, Screen timeouts and profiles. There’s also a SIM assortment toggle. The notification tray also features a settings shortcut and a clear all notifications key, along with expandable notifications. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean also carries the Google Now, which requires to be initialised at the time of using initially.

Micromax Apps

Micromax has also built-in some of its own apps, such as content stores, M! Store and M! Live, and services store, M! Zone, adds on to its messaging app, Hook-Up, M! Buddy friends locator app and some of the ‘try and buy’ games.

Impressive Design

At first glance, the Canvas HD seems more like an enlarged version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, unlike its predecessor, the Canvas 2, whose design resembled that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Galaxy SIII. Conversely, despite sporting a 5” screen, the phone looks compact compared to the Canvas 2. In fact, the front has a very plastic-material look to it, but then this phone costs Rs. 13,990, so not to be expected premium materials to be used for its make. On the other hand, the screen gets smudged easily, even without our hands being sweaty.

The back of the phone, which features a detachable back-cover, has also been made in plastic, sports a glossy finish and is less flat to smudges. The 8-megapixel camera lens juts out a bit, similar to the HTC One X camera lens. The LED flash and a supplementary microphone are positioned adjacent to the lens.

Overall, the Micromax A116 Canvas HD appears to the best Android budget phablet that the Samsung Company has produced for the users of hi-tech epoch.

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