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Why Mobile Apps Are Now Essential For Businesses

Importance Of Mobile Apps For Businesses

Smart phone data security applications are now becoming the heart of every successful business. The corporate level has reached extreme heights through mobile app development. Be it socializing, gaming, communicating etc. different apps exists that provide lifetime solution. For example, Facebook lets you socialize with friends and family in any

8 Must-Have Accessories for Galaxy S7

Accessories for Galaxy S7

Accessories for Galaxy S7 Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are really popular among android lovers.  There are so many people who have bought this flagship from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S7 has wonderful specification and features. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7, then you may buy some accessories for

By 2025, Cars Would Become “Mobile” Via Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology In the upcoming few years, this is surely expected that mobile technology would be basic feature of every latest car to develop safety process and give a new services range. A research done by the GSMA which states that by year 2025, almost all latest cars will link with mobile

Micromax A116 Canvas HD – Review

Micromax A116 Canvas

Micromax A116 Canvas The era of smart technology offers each of the lifestyle elements to be all-in-one package; even the means of mass communication is in man’s pocket in terms of smart phones. Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the descendant to the company's trendy budget phablet. Components & Functions The Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Apple iPhone Losing Popularity Contest in China


The hottest buzz of today is that world-renowned Apple iPhone is knocked down in China. Its rival smartphones have done a number on it and reports indicate that the users for Samsung and other Android phones are in mainstream now. Apple iPhone Apple told the media that its revenue has fallen for