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2014 HTC One 2 – Review

HTC One 2

HTC One 2

The HTC One by HTC is an attractive invention, and its eye-catching appearance was a big reason for awarding it with the crown of Android, keeping it on the top of list of the Top 10 Smartphone list prior to the LG G2 appeared along to assume it. Though HTC it not going down and information’s of the HTC One 2 (also called as the M8) has began dripping through the tech rumor mill wheels.

HTC One 2 design

Since there is a single thing the unique “One” handset gathered close to universal admire for, it was it’s design. The single body aluminum creation was roughly enough to competitor the Apple, iPhone 5 and creates the looks of the Galaxy S4 such as a plastic toy. Being positive we know that the corporation will not make a step back and utilize polycarbonate or plastic for the heir, and newly escaped photos apparently make it up. The photos, revealed by unwired vision, illustrate a back cover for an earpiece which appears same to the HTC One, although with an added hole in the direction of the top. The design integrates rounded-edges which expand more outwards than the back HTC One cover.


HTC One 2 screen

The HTC One was known to be first Android smartphones set to create the fly to a display of 1080p, next to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 as well as Sony Xperia Z, thus we are sure its heir will not be creating a step backward to the 720p. By means of the many comments, the One 2 will hold the similar 4.7inch display as the HTC One, as well as stick to a 1080p resolution.

Wi-Fi Option

The latest handset now became Wi-Fi certified as well as emerges in the Wi-Fi association certification record, like reports. Since we would imagine from the new Smartphone, the HTC One 2 maintains both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands. It appears to a great choice.

One 2 Fingerprint Sensor

HTC greatly challenged the Apple’s book by simply adding a fingerprint sensor option to the HTC One 2 in only a few times after the TouchID was introduced by the iPhone 5s. At present It’s one of the topmost Android handsets with the biometric safety, however there is a great chance the HTC One 2 to be on the top.


The HTC One 2 will actually utilize a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 system-on-chip. Apparently this was backed-up by a benchmark outcome for an unidentified HTC phone that manufactured close to similar scores to Sony Xperia Z1 as well as LG’s Snapdragon 800-equipped G2Smartphone. This might proposed it has a same memory amount to such two handsets (i.e., 2GB), even though no solid statistics have been revealed to confirm the truth.

When it will Launch

This latest HTC One 2 is releasing soon. No solid information about different specs and apps is present yet and neither its release date but it is expected that is very possible to appear in February as well as March 2014.

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