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2014 LG G Flex – Review

LG G Flex

LG G Flex

We have observed different people checking the LG G Flex model internationally in the previous month and few days ago at the CES LG exposed that T-Mobile, AT&T, and run might rolling out the elastic Smartphone in the few next months.

Design and Model Review

This model of LG holds a six inch curved display which is curved down its length to adjust the palm of user’s hand and the face shape of the user. The plastic OLED display can in fact be compressed down flat onto a board as well as then go back into the curved shape; however it actually is not calculated for the user to bend it continuously.


The cell, LG G Flex is much larger than other, without any doubt. This is a 6-inch display having 700mm curvature radius from peak to base, which the company says is a right quantity of curvature for holding, viewing, manufacture and many more. The 720p display that is not pointed by no means on the market however LG declares it happens since this was known to be the way to obtain the stripe, “RGB” on the curved screen with no PenTile resorting for highest resolution.

More Features

Further adding to the flexible display, it holds self-healing coating back is intended to assist in reducing the daily wear and tear effects. Similar to the LG G2, also back controls for volume and power are present there. The earpiece is present above the screen and camera which is front-facing in combination with ambient-light-sensors, and the microphone is present at the bottom of the phone, 3.5mm headset jack as well as charging port. The top of the cell has one more microphone, most probably to reduce noise.


13MP camera is present on the back with the option of flash, as well as the power button and volume rocker, as present in the previous version. Users are not used to of this specific design, but when it will be in market they get used to of it.

The 2.26 GHz quad-core of LG G Flex holds Snapdragon of 800 processors, battery of 3,500 mAh, as well as LG characters like KnockON, Qslide, Slide Aside, as well as Dual Window. Also this curved display is intended to offer an great video experience.

price details are available as and it is estimated that it will be launched in the starting of the 2014.


The very obvious characteristic of the LG G is curved style, and really that’s the entire chatter for this Smartphone.
If there was no that curve display option in this cell, this cell must expected be another phablet available from LG on the market. The curve occurs all the way top to bottom, differentiating the prototype, Samsung Galaxy Round, whose curves is from left to right side. In addition, the back keys are known to be a trend from the LG to move further.

However no sealing can tends to magnetize dirt and dust, plus it attaches to it since if it is charged.

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