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By 2025, Cars Would Become “Mobile” Via Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

In the upcoming few years, this is surely expected that mobile technology would be basic feature of every latest car to develop safety process and give a new services range. A research done by the GSMA which states that by year 2025, almost all latest cars will link with mobile technology ; additionally driver safety is also there. Everyone knows that this latest technology is developed to revolutionize the automotive world.


Cars connected with mobile technology, automatically hold the capability to call for different emergency services and in case of accident, offer details of location. The navigation and information traffic will be offer via mobile technology plus call-centre support is present too. By this mobile technology, lifestyle and key entertainment features will also be available for vehicles, together with social networks access, music-streaming, weather and news updates.

At GSMA, Chief Marketing Officer, named as “Michael O’Hara” stated Telegraph that in cars by including mobile technology not only lives are saved, however in addition drive a new services range and offer an important opportunity of revenue for automotive and mobile companies.

All cars are estimated to have service of emergency call-feature “eCall” by October of 2015, mentioned in The European Commission reports, and eCall sales are likely to reach in 2016, nearly 7 billion units. For cargo vehicles, same systems will become mandatory soon, such as Russian trucks.

Further, added by O’Hara that technological market is growing rapidly. By help of positive regulatory action, technology must be driven in different sections, predominantly in rising markets like Brazil and Russia as well as in Europe. Now, the connected car midst-revolution era occurs and very importantly many automotive and mobile companies work mutually to send persistent and scalable experiences required for connection, and make certain this mobile industry attains maximum potential.

In 2018, globally around 41.7 million cars are going to be exported with features of eCall. According to GSMA, they stated: “The worth of connect car market in 2018 would be about £34 billion, but in 2012, it was
nearly £11 billion.

The latest vehicles sales are estimated to get over 100 million internationally in year of 2018, above 35 million3 and these cars exported with mobile technology implanted in it. In comparison, twenty one million vehicles must contained integration of Smartphone (18 %) and only 10 million cars must embed by tethered solutions (9%). The elevated growth of connected-car market will offer related revenues 3 times more than the revenue in 2018 as compared to 2012, including;

  • 24.5 Euro billion from services available in-car, like information for traffic, support of call-centre and entertainment i.e., web-based (in 2012, more than from 9.3 Euro billion).
  • 6.9 Euro billion from hardware sale, like control units of telematics (more than 1.2 Euro billion in 2012).
  • 4.5 Euro billion from the telematics service’s delivery, like customer relationship management (in year 2012, more than 1.8 Euro billion).
  • 4.1 Euro billion from connectivity provision, which consist of revenues from data of mobile (814 Euro million or above it, in year 2012)

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