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Latest Mobile Phones 2013 – Hottest Handset Reviewed

Latest Mobile Phones

Latest Mobile Phones

With the passing  of time where every body is busy to earn money the other side of the picture is spend money on luxuries  to maintain status and for personalty grooming people adopt different cell phone for look stylish. Where competition is  tough in the mobile market. Every company is trying to get one of the best they are launching different mobile phones with unique features every year. We are going to discuss  the latest mobile phones . If you want to get a new Smartphone in this year.

Unique features of Smartphone

Sony Xperia J

Sony Xperia J is a big screen in a stylish Android Smartphone. Xperia is offering stylish Smartphone  with 4 inch screen with affordability. This phone is designed with social alert illumination. Sony Xperia J DLNA phone provides Tv via WiFi with a big picture. Sony Xperia provides 50 GB and free storage for music , video , photos that can use any time.

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820 has a unique features and cheaper than Nokia 920.The phone was launched last year in New York. It’s   based on  dual core Qualcomm system chip. This is a same chip which uses in Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Ativ S.In it include 1 GB RAM , 8GB storage with MicroSD slot card and 8 pixel camera and 4.3 inch screen.

Apple iPhone Math

Apple is going to launch two iPhone handsets during 2013.which will appear in June. According to china s Times report Apple will launch a new math iPhone in June 2013.The Cupertino company expected to launch new “ iPhone Math”with 4.8 big screens. Both handsets offer some unique features with improved internals and 8 magapixel camera. It has been translated by China report that the new iPhone would not be like an Apple previous phone .Its name can  be iPhone plus or its may be just rumor.


HTC is going to launch a new handset in comping future. It is a competitor of Nokia Lumia and Samsung Ativ .It is a better and a lightweight cell phone than Lumia is made with 480 * 800 screens , the 4.3 inch LCD use in this Smartphone with 720 * 1280 resolutions. It screen with more bright and colorful than other Smartphone  .HTC 8 X provides 8 mega pixel Camera with strong battery with 16 GB storage and Micro SD card

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