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Best Free Android Games Of 2015

Android Games

Android Games

Not all Android Games have to be purchased. There is a lot that you can play for free on your Android tablet or smartphone. Not only are these games free but they are a lot of fun and include good quality graphics. Here we review some of the best free Android games that you can play all through 2015. You will enjoy endless hours of delightful fun with these simple yet engaging Android games.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Witchcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Witchcraft is an exciting game that involves the age-old game of collecting cards. This is a wonderful adventure game where the players get the opportunity to don the roles of their favorite heroes and villains from the Witchcraft series. The rules are quite easy to get the hang of and before you realize it you are already mesmerized by the quality of the graphics and the exciting duels and challenges that the game presents. There are rewards to be won in the form of gold which makes it all the more exciting to keep playing the game.

Trivia Crack Free Android Game

If you love to challenge your memory and like to play cerebral games then Trivia Crack is the game to watch out for in 2015. This free to download Android game is similar to the famous Wheel of Fortune quiz program our parents used to watch. In Trivia Crack you get to spin the table and get to answer questions from various categories such as science, history, art and sports. How well you do depends on how much trivia you have amassed over the years. If you have been paying attention in class, that will come in handy as well. Passing each level or subject area successfully leads to the player being awarded a character. Winning six characters leads to winning the game overall.

World of Tanks: Blitz

This exciting game is sure to satiate your need for thrill and adventure. The World of Tanks: Blitz is a perfect action game to recreates the environment of the Second World War and allows the player to participate in multiplayer battles on the field. The game is the Android version of the famous PC based game and has almost all the functionality of its preeminent predecessor. With excellent graphics and precision based controls, the game gives a very rich and realistic experience to the player.

Bad land Free Android Game

This also appears to be a promising game that is set in a jungle backdrop. The player assumes the role of a winged character from the jungle whose aim is to explore the vast environment. At the same time, the player seeks to avoid dangers and traps that are laid out at different points in the jungle. The game can be played by four players sharing the same device and take part in competitive matches for glory.

These games are easy to install and cost nothing at all. Not only that, they have some excellent graphics and offer the flexibility to play single-user or multi-user versions as well.

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