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Who Will Land The Next Job in ML and Data Analytics?


Even professionals want better jobs and larger payouts. Big data across multi-variate sources have been processed to provide forecasts and gainful insights that can help enterprises in many areas. Python has become the most popularly used language to crunch numbers and is a high-level multi-domain reliable language with readability, flexibility

Top 10 Awesome Smartphone Life Hacks

Awesome Smartphone Life Hacks

Smartphone is the most usable thing in this world. In this article we will show you awesome smartphone life hacks that you have ever done with your smartphone. I hope you really like it! Awesome Smartphone Life Hacks Featured Image Source: Pixabay

How To Move Internal Data Using Lucky Patcher?

Move Internal Data Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is an app that lets you customize any app that you wish so long as it saves its data internally. This app is develop russian developer chelpus. Furthermore, it lets you take control of disturbing ads that come embedded in the screen by deleting them. To experience a

Samsung Nexus 10 – Review

Samsung Nexus 10

Google challenged the lion in its den with the launch of Samsung Nexus 10 ” tab where once iPad reigned only. Samsung Nexus 10 It is a wonderful novelty offering Retina Display 10’’ 2560 x 1600 display, latest Exynos 5 dual-core processor; modern Android Jelly Bean and a reasonable price tag of just