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How To Move Internal Data Using Lucky Patcher?

Move Internal Data Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is an app that lets you customize any app that you wish so long as it saves its data internally. This app is develop russian developer chelpus. Furthermore, it lets you take control of disturbing ads that come embedded in the screen by deleting them. To experience a host of features present in this app, users have to root their devices while for IOS users they have to use a third party app (cydia, ipadian) so as to install this app. Below we will give you a step to step process of how to move internal data using lucky patcher.

Move Internal Data Using Lucky Patcher

Step 1 launch your browser of choice and in the address bar search download lucky patcher.

Step 2 click on the lucky patcher apk download link.

Step 3 before installing, head to settings and enable installation of apps from untrusted sources.

Step 4 install the app like any other app

Step 5 launch the app and near root access.

Step 6 tap on editor toolbox and search for batch operations, it is normally on the third line, and just tap at it.

Step 7 once in batch operations, tap on move app to SD card .

Step 8 select the app you wish to move on SD card from lucky patcher interface and tap on it.

Step 9 enjoy saving data on your SD card.

Some Basic Question About it This app

Is This App is Free?

Yes, it is completely free android app, you can find online lots of site that you can download this app.

Is It Harmful To My Device?

No, sometimes google detect it like as a virus. It is not true. Just ignore this message and enjoy it.

What Can You Do Use This App?

We can do lots of things using this app, we can do free app purchase, bypass game level, remove android device internal ads, remove or uninstall android device system app, move system app to sd card etc.

Which Games and Application is Comport With Lucky Patcher?

Now a day most of the android game save gaming data on their personal server, so lucky patcher can’t be modified it. But the offline android game can be hacked using this app. You can be modified in 8 ball pool, temple run, subway surfer etc. If you want to to see the full list of lucky patcher supported the game, just search google lucky patcher games and go lucky patcher official game site then see.


Moving apps to an external SD lets you carry your beloved apps to another device and you can use it as your own. Android and IOS devices come with in-build apps that can never be moved from internal system to an external memory such as SD card but with the lucky patcher, that disadvantage is taken away; you can practically change any apps storage data from internal system to an external system all through a few steps. If you wish to transfer your apps to an external SD this is the app for you.

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