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Why Needs Microsoft Office 2018? Top Premium Features


Are you using the old version of Microsoft office application? Then you have good news that now you can enjoy Microsoft office 2018. We know that Microsoft office is very important application for computer users because without this application, we cannot make database, excel sheet and presentation etc.

So, we should keep update the latest version of Microsoft office in 2018. For this, we are publishing this article which can help you. Before you download and install Office 2018, you must read our guideline. See more in below.

Microsoft Office 2018

Microsoft Office is the most used and needed software for all types of users. It is a simple software that comes with some beautiful layers and tools. This software was released in March 2016. It is the totally safe software. Besides, it is appropriately controlled software of Microsoft. With this software, you can make simple document files.

If you need to make an interesting presentation, you can do it with the PowerPoint tool. Billions of people are using it, and they are totally satisfied with this software. However, if you do not want to spend money, you can use this crack file. Most of the features of the premium version are available in the crack version.

Top Tools available in MS Office 2018

You can use this software for various purposes because it contains some necessary and incredible tools for several needs. Let’s see them briefly.

MS Word: It is the most useful tool from MS Office. With this tool, you can write documents, save them and also edit them for your business or private purposes. There are a lot of font options, styles, page layout, etc.

Microsoft Excel: When the users need to make some tables or figures. MS Excel makes this type of work more accessible. You will get many cool features in this tools.

MS PowerPoint: To create presentation or project file with some slide of text, photos, videos, you can use MS PowerPoint. You can work with it very comfortably.

MS Publisher: MS Publisher is the suitable tool to make brochures, newsletters, and any other publishing needs. So, you must need this one too for your business.

OneNote: It is a useful tool to make daily notes or memos.

How to Activate Office Application?

There are many ways to activate Microsoft office. The best way to activate by using product key which you will get if you purchase the products from Microsoft Corporation. After using the product key, you can make genuine version and enjoy any premium features. But if you don’t have any money, then you can use some tools that can activate your this products. Here are some tools like kmspico, Microsoft toolkit, kmsauto lite etc. But before downloading the application, you should careful because many website offer malware which is very bad.

What is the KMSpico?

Office 2016 Activator is an excellent opportunity for the Microsoft Office users. If you are new to this software, you need a little practice. However, this software is suitable for all windows systems. Your computer has to 1 GB RAM to install and use it.

The software is so useful and easy that anyone can use it with some practice by himself. The kms activator file is the file that comes from the hacker who breaks the premium file. The benefits of using this software cannot be described in words. You can only tell it when you use it. So, for your personal, business or official purposes, you can download kms tools and use it from our website.


After using install the Microsoft application, you can make premium version and enjoy all features. But we always recommended to buy the Microsoft office 2018 from their website. If you need more help, just contact us.

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