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7 Insanely Effective Tips To Help Our App Rank Higher in App Store

App Rank Higher in App Store

With over 2 million apps and counting, thousands of apps get launched every day in the App Store. Ever wondered how they make their way through the tough competition? A lot of time, hard effort, and persistence is required to be on the top list. There are no special ingredients to this, however, there are some necessary steps that can be taken to help your app gain more visibility. Many developers are of the opinion that App store optimization can improvise and boost the App rank higher in App Store and help them do better than the competition.

App Rank Higher in App Store

The higher your app is ranking on the App Store, the more visibility and more revenue it generates. In this article, we will give you some pointers to remember to help your app rank higher in app store.

Provide Optimal User Experience By Updating Apps Regularly

Good user experience automatically means that the audience finds the app favorable. This will lead to the app getting good reviews and rating which and enhance the app visibility which can effectively get your app featured in the App Store. An essential tip is to provide an optimal experience to the users by updating your apps regularly to provide some new additions to the users. App users love it when an app gets an update and they eagerly wait to see new change. So don’t forget to update the app or the users will find the app boring.

Examine The App Install and Uninstall Rate as They Affect App Rank

One needs to keep a track of the install and uninstall rate. The more installs you have the more people will be using the app. Work on improving the app experience, add in new exciting features to attract visitor’s eye and make the app entertaining and fun to entice the users to install the app and use it often. This way the users will keep the app installed for a longer period of time.

Entice The Users To Download The App

An app’s first impression makes a great impact on the users decision whether to download the app or not. If the user finds the app attractive at first glance, he’s more likely to download the app. You need to work on enticing and encouraging the users to download your app by having a great app in terms of appearance, name, user experience etc.

Choose The Right Keywords

Ranking high in search engine rests upon selection of the right keywords. It’s essential to select the right targeted keywords will bring more conversion and will rank high in search engine. Choose the keyword that is targeted at your audience and you expect the users would search more often. Keywords can significantly boost app ranking so include them in your app title, description, promotional messages and in all the social media posts to gain more visibility.

Get Good Reviews and Ratings

You might not know that App’s reviews and ratings make a great impact on getting an app rank higher in the search engine. Getting the users to leave a review and a feedback can be a difficult task but it can considerably affect the installation rate of an app. The best thing you can do is ask for app reviews and encourage the users to leave a reviews and rate your app. This will help other users to decide whether they would like to install the app. Good app ranking will automatically drive more installs and negative reviews can be addressed accordingly. So don’t hesitate, ask away for reviews and ratings of your app.

Learn From Your Competitors

You need to keep a track of all your competitors to see how well they are doing. Research on what keywords they are using that is making their app rank high in search engine and come up with the alternative competitive keywords to use it for your app to improve the visibility. You can take a look at their description, title, and keywords to get an idea and execute yours in a similar way.

Never Stop Promoting Your App

One should never stop promoting the app because it’s the only way that the users will find out about your app. without promotion users wouldn’t know if your app really exists. Promote your app on social media channels, blogs, app store pages with the app link. Explore new ways of marketing your app and don’t stop promoting your app and never give up.

In Conclusion

The app world is ever changing. Look for new trends and ways to give a boost to your app ranking. Find new ways to exposure and never get tired of promoting your app. remember higher ranking will lead to more users using your app and your app getting on the top list of the App Store.

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